Dr. Tramont’s Comprehensive Hypnoregression Therapy

If Comprehensive Hypnoregression techniques are incorporated into the use of hypnotherapy, the success rate for eliminating physical and emotional problems increases significantly. Why is this so? Simply because the subconscious mind is a virtual reservoir of complete and intricately detailed memories of one’s life experiences, regardless of whether they occurred in the present or the past, or will occur in the future. These experiences are like computer programs that condition our physical and emotional responses to everything life has to offer, everything that comes into our awareness through our physical senses.

What is Comprehensive Hypnoregression Therapy?

The subconscious mind not only recalls every detail of every moment of every life but also integrates this information so that it interfaces and many times overrides our conscious thoughts by giving us a specific attitude and emotional feeling about everything in life, thus laying the ground work of our personality and giving credence to the idea that we are presently the sum total of our previous personalities. Of paramount importance here is the fact that the distinction of time when an event took place is conspicuously absent when the subconscious files memories away. In some ways, we are like robots, giving into the easier thought, which may have been laid down for us centuries ago. However, when a patient is in the altered state of hypnosis, his conscious mind, which is fully awake, experiences a dual awareness both of the past life being investigated and that of the present day reality. Thus his conscious mind makes a distinction of time, observing and understanding that the past life event causing the patient’s problem happened a long time ago and should not cause the patient to continue to suffer in this present life. The patient can free now himself from symptoms by releasing the emotional or physical effect causing his or her suffering.

A New Insight into Reincarnation and Karma

My extensive research on the subjects of reincarnation and karma has proven its validity to me over and over, and I always felt that the principles involved were infallible, namely:

• That we are responsible for our actions
• We create our own reality
• There are no victims
• Free will is involved in our every action

Many years ago it became obvious to me that I had regressed an entity attached to a patient, and not the patient. I considered this experience to be “my baptism of fire.”

My research then became more comprehensive, and now included many years of witnessing the unbelievable effects that foreign energy in the form of attached entities have upon the patient/host. It became obvious that these entities represent the proverbial, disruptive, and inimical monkey-wrench that has been thrown into the basic precepts of reincarnation and karma. The startling result is:

• We may not always be responsible for our actions
• We may not always be creating our own reality
• Some of us can become victims
• Our greatest gift, that of free will, can be interfered with

An Approach that is Both Diagnostic and Therapeutic.

My experience in communicating with various types of entities through the patient’s subconscious mind convinced me that these spiritual entities are indeed real. Their effects upon the patient/host are very real. Once the entity causing the problem is released, the emotional or physical problem leaves with the entity.
My experience with releasement of entities was definitely coinciding with that of the pioneers in this field, namely Dr. William Baldwin and Dr. Edith Fiore. I decided to call what I do Comprehensive Hypnoregression Therapy because it consists of a diagnostic and therapeutic use of the subconscious mind to rule out both emotional past life memories and any attached entities as the cause of various issues that are responsible for the emotional or physical suffering that the patient is enduring.

This approach allows the therapist to diagnose the cause of the problem and cure the individual at the same time. It is important to note that the World Health Organization has an updated 2014 ICD-10-CM Code, F-44.89, entitled, “Other Dissociative and Conversion Disorders,” one of which is a disorder of “trance and possession.” Many people consider attached entities to be rare and cultural, but America, by definition is a melting pot of varying cultures and beliefs, many of which include the experience of possession. My experience, and that of others, clearly indicate that what is described as a form of possession is really quite prevalent. The two and a half to three hour session emphasizes the importance of using protective measures consistently, being positive and forgiving, and understanding who you truly are. Positive, helpful hypnotic suggestions always follow.